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Professor + Creative Director Matt McCutchin on advertising, portfolio school, and life.

The One-Foot Shelf.

A century ago, Harvard president Charles W. Eliot assembled a list of classic texts, and dubbed it “The Five-Foot Shelf.”   He worked with P.F. Collier publishing to create and package the collection as the “Harvard Classics,” which eventually sold over 350,000 copies.   However,…

Drill Sergeant

Remaining Civilian.

My toddler son pointed at the Pillow Pet Dream Lites commercial.   “Daddy, I want one of THOSE!”   Payback time for the ad guy.   Of course, I ripped the spot under my breath… “nauseating infomercial with low production values.”   Doesn’t really matter,…

Nick's Sizzling Steaks

Where’s The Beef?

“Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”   A wizened old account guy actually told me that, once, as though it were the single most brilliant nugget of advice he could pass on to a then-aspiring copywriter.   Maybe you really could bamboozle the regular folk…

Church pew

Wage$ Of $in.

“You watch those commercials on TV for that Swifter. They promise it’ll make your life better. But it won’t. Those commercials are just the temptation of evil.”   I sat there squirming on the cold, hard wooden pew in a Presbyterian church in Austin. Who…